Bike Services

Alpine Shop has bicycles for the whole family from novice to trail riding master. No matter your style of riding, we have a bike that will suit your needs. Alpine Shop has a full selection of Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Road Bikes & Children's Bicycles. After your bicycle purchase, we offer a full service tune / repair shop and are well stocked with parts and accessories including; Bike Racks, Bicycle Helmets, Tires & Tubes, Handlebar Baskets, Bike Water Bottles, Hand Grips, Gloves, Bike Pedals, Fenders, Cargo Carriers & Bicycle Seats.

Alpine Shop Is A Full Service Bike Shop Located In South Burlington, Vermont. Services included;

Bicycle Tuning Services: Alpine Shop's Expert Mechanics will have you out on the road ready to roll in no time!

Basic Bike Tune - $59
Full Bike Tune - $89
Complete Bike Overhaul - $175

Bike Builds & Shipping: Alpine Shop will build your new bike or, pack it up for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

New Bike - $79
Shipped Bike - $59
Box Bike for Shipping - $79 (Includes Box & Packing Only.)

Bicycle Drivetrain Services: Alpine Shop will fix all your chain, cable & derailleur headaches.

Bike Chain Installation - $10
Bike Cassette Installation - $15
Install Deralleur RR - $20
Install Deralleur FT - $20
Install Front Chain Rings - $15
Install BB - $20
Install Crank Set - $25
Replace all Cables & Housings - $30

Bicycle Tire & Wheel Repair Services: Alpine Shop will patch, mount and true your tires and wheels and have you rolling smoothly.

True Wheel - $15
True Severely Bent Wheel - $30
Replace Spoke - $2 (wheel must be made true first ^^)
Replace Spoke Rear Drive Side - $17 (for 1st, $2 ea. for each additional)
Install New Wheel Set - $40 (swap tires, rotors & cassette)
Install New Front Wheel - $15
Custom Wheel Build - $70

Bicycle Brake Service & Repair: Alpine Shop will adjust your brakes, replace your pads / discs and have you stopping on a dime.

Adjust Brakes - $15
Install New Pads - $20
Replace Cables - $15
Bleed Hydraulic Lines - $30 ea.
Replace Rotor - $10
True Rotor - $10
Install Cable System - $30
Install Hydraulic System - $45

Bike Repair & Parts Installation: Alpine Shop will service all your bike's parts and install new parts as requested or needed for repair.

Bike Service & Installation - $60/hr. (Minimum Charge 1/5hr.)

Bicycle Parts Installation Examples;

Computer (Wired) - $15
Computer (Wireless) - $10
Racks (front or back) - $15
Fenders - $30
Kick Stand - $5
Saddle - $5
Pedals - $5
Training Wheels - $10

Select From Alpine Shop's Top Quality Bike Brands: Norco Performance Bikes, Felt Bicycles & Surly Bikes