Alpine Shop's Top Ski & Snowboard Goggles For 2017

Finding the right goggle to compliment your riding style while functioning well has never been easier. New goggle technology featuring quick-change lenses for all types of light & high performance ventilation ensuring fog free days on the mountain. Our staff put together a list of our best goggles for the 2017 season. These Ski & Snowboard Goggles will keep you on the hill shredding, no matter what weather Mother Nature throws in your face. 


1. Oakley Airbrake XL Prizm

Oakley Airbreak XL PRIZM™


The Oakley Airbreak is simply one of the best goggles on the market due to its advanced quality, technology, style, and performance. The new outrigger system features a very clean and flush look that pops out when you need them to conform to a comfortable, over the helmet fit. Carrying over from the original Airbrake, the new Oakley Airbrake XL uses a lens interchangeability system so you can seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions. This is especially awesome because it caters to the variety of Prizm lenses that are available for the Airbrake. Not only is the strap a slightly larger than the original Airbrake goggles, but it’s also lined with a sticky silicone material that works to keep the goggles comfortably in place.


2. Smith I/O 7 Chroma Pop

Smith I/O 7 Chroma Pop


Smith Optics is responsible for starting the trend of interchangeable lenses by releasing the I/O in 2007, the first goggles designed with swapping lenses in mind. The I/O 7 is our top model goggle for Smith. The I/O 7 uses a Single-Pivot Quick-Release lens-change system to make switching out your lenses even simpler, while at the same time making the frame lighter and more comfortable. The goggle is designed for medium to large faces, if you have a smaller face our staff recommends you try the I/Os. The I/O 7 is also equipped with a 5x anti-fog inner liner preventing any moisture from impeding on your shedding. An all time favorite at the Alpine Shop makes the I/O 7 a great pick for any type of rider.


3. Oakley Line Miner Prizm

Oakley Line MINER™ PRIZM™


The Oakley Line Miner Prizm goggle was designed with a flatter lens that offers expansive peripheral vision, while also giving off a cool, retro vibe for added style on the slopes. Our staff was truly blown away by the amount of peripheral vision you have when looking though these lenses. The Miner Prizm is also equipped with Oakley's F-3 anti-fog coating and ani-scratch lens making them nearly impossible to mark up. This goggle will ensure scratch, fog-free clarity throughout your days on the slopes. Not only do these new Oakley goggles offer extreme clarity, but also they’re also unbelievably comfortable thanks to the soft, moisture-wicking face foam. The silicone line on the strap keeps your goggles in place so you can throw caution to the wind. 


4. Electric EG3

Electric EG3 Goggle

Electric EG3 Goggle Strap


The electric EG3 is an ultimate freeride goggle that was designed with a massive frameless lens, similar to the Oakley Line Miner goggle, to help see where you're going to stomp you're next maneuver. The goggle is also equipped with a Press Seal interchangeable lens system, allowing for quick lens swaps when the sun escapes behind the sun. The dual spherical lenses are treated with Electrics Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coatings to keep things crystal clear. The electric EG3's are so comfortable that you won't even notice them on your face. These goggles are comfortable, sleek, and clear maximizing visibility for the best time you've ever had on the mountain.


5. Anon M3

Anon M3 MFI Goggle


The Anon M3 goggle is a third edition in the Magna-Tech line, which features a cylindrical lens for riders who prefer a classic look and a low-profile fit, along with game-changing magnetic technology. Thanks to 14 magnets at seven points of connection around the frame, allows you to take off the lens simply by pulling it off. The magnets are strong enough to survive any crash through the snow without coming off so won't have to worry about losing your lens when you take a tumble. The M3 also features MFI technology that magnetically attaches the moisture-wicking facemask to your goggles for seamless protection against ice and wind. This means you no longer have to worry about your facemask being pushed down exposing small areas on your face that are susceptible to frost bite. The magnetic technology is unlike anything else on the goggle market and secures the Anon M3 a spot on our list.