Vermont Mountain Bikers.

For such a small state, Vermont packs a big punch when it comes to mountain biking! Vermont mountain bikers enjoy some of the best trail systems in the country. Vermont's trail system are known for being well maintained and offer a variety of terrain for every level rider. That being said Vermont mountain biking offers up it's own set of unique challenges. What follows is our, "Top Ten signs that you are a Vermont mountain biker.".... How many do you recognize?


Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Mountain Biker in Vermont.


1. Your truck is the least expensive mountain bike equipment you own.

We don’t all live trailside so sometimes we have to use our old beat up Ford pickups to get to the trail head. Let's hope we got enough gas.


2. The trails are better maintained than the roads driving there.

It sometimes takes a long time to get potholes filled in our state. Vermont mountain biking trails are usually kept to a higher standard. Even with all the rain this summer, Vermont mountain bike trails are patched up faster than you can say Vermont Department of Transportation.


3. You hit more trees than you do jumps.

Mountain biking in Vermont is not like running park laps off the Sunrise double at Sugarbush... It’s more like dodging saplings on tight gladed chutes at Smuggs' or Mad River Glen.


4. Your car breaks down more than your bike.

You have used Rock n Roll lube on every bolt on your bike but still refuse to change the oil in your daily driver at anything less than 5000 miles.


5. The trails you ride are tighter than a hipster’s pants.

No, those 800mm Kore handlebars are not gonna fit down these chutes, put your helmet down and push through the branches.


6. You spend more time washing your dog after a ride than your bike.

Man's best friend isn't as good at avoiding swampy areas on the trail as you are!


7. You're more worried about hitting a deer than a hiker.

Hikers wear reflective Patagonia jackets making them extremely visible. Deer camouflage themselves on trail, wait for you to slam on the brakes then, and only then, slowly meander off the trail.


8. You spend more time working on your trails then riding them.

It takes a lot of effort to make your favorite trail ride just right. Summer always seems too short to get all your riding in.


9. You see more Traffic on the trails than the roads to get there.

Saturday biking at Kingdom Trails will have more traffic than the Monday morning commute on Route 100 in Waterbury.


10. It's rained for a week straight, you still manage to put in 40 miles on your bike.

Much of this summer has been a washout but that is no reason not grab your rain coat and hit every gravel trail you can find in the spectacular weather we've had in between!