Why Risk It At A Ski Swap?

      Ski Swap season is here and you're starting to think about what gear you & your children are going to use this year. Your children most certainly have already outgrown last season's ski swap gear, it was on it's last legs, last season. Maybe you want something wider waisted than the skis you bought at last year's swap for those deep powder days. So now you're about ready to go through the whole "Ski Swap" ordeal again. Maybe you'll find some equipment that will fit your children but, equally as important, will you find some equipment they like? You might find some powder skis. They'll likely be very "used" or, just as obviously, not the right size or ski / snowboard for your home mountain. If you do get up early, search long & hard, drive from St. Albans to Warren catching all the Ski & Snowboard Swaps, & YOU GET LUCKY, you may find some some decent equipment. IF YOU GET LUCKY, the equipment is exactly the Ski / Snowboard you really want, it's in great condition, & it fits perfectly, for any price. Take luck out of the equation! Guarantee your gear will be exactly what you want, in great condition & fits perfectly with a lease package from Alpine Shop in South Burlington, VT.

Ski Swap Equipment in Burlington

Why Risk It At A Ski Swap?

     Alpine Shop lease customers have choice from the largest inventory of top brand ski & snowboard equipment in Vermont. Alpine Shop lease customers get added value with exclusive Ski / Snowboard lease privileges. Alpine Shop lease customers get; FREE Tuning of their lease gear all season long, FREE Lift Tickets & Discounts at great local resorts & our GEAR FIT GUARANTEE (If the gear doesn't fit right, we'll replace it with gear that does, no additional charge.) Where are you going to return your ski swap gear that doesn't quite fit right after a few days on the hill?

Some advantages to leasing over gambling at a ski swap:

1. Condition of your Skis or Snowboard?

   You'll never know the true maintenance record of ski swap gear. Alpine Shop lease equipment is professionally maintained, any gear with potential safety issues is removed from our lease program. It may cost more to properly repair the gear from the ski swap than it's worth! Plus, Alpine Shop lease equipment is professionally maintained and tuned all season long for FREE!  

2. Bindings may no longer be "Indemnified" by manufacturer.

   Bindings on gear from ski swaps may be older models & no longer "indemnified", or able to be set properly by certified ski technicians. Your ski / snowboard bindings are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment. Ski bindings need to be tested before each season by certified ski technicians with proper testing equipment. Replacing older bindings with new ones will likely cost more than an entire lease package alone.

3. Does your equipment fit properly?

   If you are leasing gear for young children, you already know they grow very quickly!  Even if you're lucky enough to find properly fitting equipment in the Fall, chances are it doesn't fit right by the Spring. Ski boots are particularly tricky to size correctly. Rely on our Masterfit-trained bootfitters to make sure that your "dogs aren't barking" after just a few hours into the season. Plus, with our "Fit Guarantee", you can swap out your lease equipment as often as you like throughout the season. Try doing that at the community Ski Swap.

4. How much do you really save?

   After you factor in the cost of tuning the old ski swap equipment, getting a binding safety check, possibly replacing broken or outdated parts, and replacing ill-fitting gear halfway through the season, your ski swap equipment quickly becomes more expensive than a professionally maintained ski or snowboard lease package. Throw in exclusive Alpine Shop lease customer discounts, Ski Resort discounts and FREE lift tickets, FREE tuning & peace of mind with Alpine Shop's "Fit Guarantee", and it's a slam dunk. You'll enjoy more of the Ski & Snowboard season with FREE skiing & riding bonuses, be MORE COMFORTABLE with properly fit & tuned top of the line gear & FEEL SAFE knowing your gear has been checked and verified by certified Ski / Snowboard technicians. You get more for your money along with the confidence/security that you are riding or skiing on the right equipment by leasing from Alpine Shop in South Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington Ski Swaps, Vermont

   Last but not least, maybe you're leasing for your children, maybe you're learning and just becoming a new skier or rider. Alpine Shop rewards our lease customers with $20 credit for every year you lease with us towards the purchase of new skis or snowboard. Eventually children stop growing, and you may decide it's time for your own equipment. We'd like to thank you for years of loyalty by helping you into your very own Ski or Snowboard setup.

Have a great season on the slopes!