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686 Everyday Tote Bag

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686 Everyday Tote Bag

This tote bag is going to be your everyday workhorse. Designed to carry, store, or transport your everyday essentials with ease. Whether you taking a trip to the store, hitting the gym, or transporting your dirty laundry, this multi-functional bag is oversized to store everything, every day.

  • Construction: Durable Polyester with Vinyl Backing Construction
  • Mesh on Top: 320g Polyester Mesh
  • Oversized to Store Everything, Every Day
  • Packable to Lay Flat When Empty
  • Multi-Point Hand and Over-the-Shoulder Handling
  • Expandable Mesh Cord Top for Extra Space and Security
  • Breathable Mesh Helps Gear Dry Out Quicker
  • Dimensions: 28.5" Wide x 21" Tall. Bottom Has 7.5" of Expansion

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