Ski / Snowboard Service & Repair




Save Over $100 with the Alpine Shop 4X Tune Card Only $199!

   Alpine Shop is one of only a few shops in New England with a state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Mercury automated tuning/service station. There is simply no better tuning machine on the planet.  Whether you have high end racing skis, recreational skis, snowboards or nordic skis bring them in for the absolute highest end of service available.  If they are super wide, narrow, rockered or in need of new base structuring, our new Wintersteiger handles everything.  And now our turnaround time is faster than ever before.  So come in today and treat your gear to the most precise tune/wax/base service in the area.


Ski / Snowboard Tuning & Binding Mounting Services:

Ski & Snowboard Waxing & Repair-
Wax Service Only ..... $15.00 (Buff Wax) / $29.00 (Hand Wax)

Junior. Tuning ..... $39.00 (Base Grind, Edge Tune & Wax. For Skis 140 cm or less.)
Quick & Painless ..... $49.00 (Edge Sharpening & Buff Wax.)
Full Tune ..... $75.00 (Stone Grind, Ceramic Disk Edging & Buff Wax.)
Deluxe Tune ..... $89.00 (Minor Base Repair, Stone Grind, Ceramic Disk Edging & Hand Wax.)
Base Repair ..... $49.00 (Repair, Fill, Grind and Wax Ptex Damage.)

Ski Race Services-
Stone Grind Only ..... $34.00 (Flatten & Structure Ski Bases.)
Race Day ..... $109.00 (Ceramic Disc Polish & LF Series Hand Wax For Specific Race Day Conditions.)

Ski Binding Services-
Alpine Binding Mount ..... $69.00 (Not offered for online orders)
AT / Telemark Mounting ..... $89.00 (Standard AT or Telemark Mount)
Nordic / Cross-Country Mounting ..... $39.00 (Standard Nordic or Cross Country Mount)
AT Ski or Splitboard Skin Installation ..... $59.00 (Cut & affix skins to skis / snowboards with appropriate hardware)
Binding Calibration ..... $39.00 (Ensure your safety & fun! Have your bindings calibrated at least 2x annually)