Alpine Shop "Re-Lease" Program



Alpine Shop is NOW OPEN at our new location 935 Shelburne Road, South Burlington.


Our lease return deadline will be extended from May 1, 2022 to May 15, 2022 to allow you more time to enjoy your equipment.


There are already ski and snowboard production shortages for the 2022/23 season so we will be unable to offer any “buy-out” options of used  lease equipment.  


We are once again offering the “Re-Lease Program” which allows you to keep your equipment and insure the lowest possible prices for the next season.  Sign up for this great deal below!


Please fill this out completely and accurately. You may bring in your lease skis/boots for a free binding safety check at any time. Reminder, you can swap out your equipment for different sizes for FREE next season (subject to availability as always) if a member of the family has grown. Please do any equipment changes in late August or September. 

This offer expires on May 15th, 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can I re-lease just my boots or skis if I have a full package?

A: Re-leasing is a renewed, but discounted, lease for ALL of the current equipment leased by an individual or family/group member.  You may still, of course, swap items during the regular lease season at any time.  And not all of the family/group members in your party need to re-lease their equipment;  just make sure to return the remaining equipment from the other members to the store by May 1st.


Q: How long will this opportunity last?

A: You will have the opportunity to re-lease your equipment until May 1, 2022. THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Q: Who is re-lease for?

A: Re-lease gives customers who are happy with their 21/22 lease equipment the option to keep their gear at home and “re-lease” it for the 22/23 season for the best pricing of the season.


Q: Can I return my equipment and still take advantage of the re-lease pricing?

A: No. You must hold on to your equipment until the 22/23 winter season. However, if you re-lease, you may swap out equipment during the regular lease season subject to availability. 


Q: If I re-lease my current equipment, can I still swap equipment if necessary?

A: Yes. All benefits of regular-season leasing apply. NOTE: if swapping equipment categories i.e. used to new, non-upgrade to upgrade, you will need to pay the difference in price at the time of exchange. You can swap equipment at any time during the 22/23 lease season. Subject to availability. 


Q: Is the re-lease refundable if I change my mind?

A: No, unless you change your mind prior to May 1st.


Q: How do I sign up and pay for my re-lease?

A:  Fill out the application form above and liability release form.  You will then receive an itemized invoice via email within a few days. You will have until May 1, 2022 to pay the invoice. If not paid by 5/1, all equipment must be returned ASAP.


Q: How much does it cost to re-lease?

A: Prices vary depending on the equipment being leased. Re-lease prices are the lowest of the season at 10% or more off regular season rates.  You can find a list of our re-lease prices here:


  "Early Season" Prices -Start May 2, 2022 Valid Before: 10/15 

Valid Before: 10/15 

Valid Before: 10/15 
 *NOTE: New 20/21 Equipment Becomes Used Category For 22/23 CHILD JR ADULT
ALPINE SKIS Ages <6 Ages 7-13 Ages 14+
Used Ski Package
$99 $119 $179
New Ski Package
$139 $189 $299
Used Upgrade Ski Package
n/a $149 $229
New Upgrade Ski Package n/a $259 $339
Used Skis with Bindings $75 $90 $169
New Skis with Bindings $109 $149 $229
Used Upgrade Skis with Bindings $85 $100 $179
New Upgrade Skis with Bindings n/a $179 $270
Used Ski Boots
$45 $59 $99
New Ski Boots
$75 $119 $169
SNOWBOARDS Ages <6 Ages 7-13 Ages 14+
Used Snowboard Package $99 $149 $185
New Snowboard Package $149 $229 $289
New Upgrade Snowboard Package n/a n/a $305
Used Snowboard with Bindings $79 $119 $149
New Snowboard with Bindings $129 $169 $229
Used Snowboard Boots $39 $59 $99
New Snowboard Boots $69 $99 $149
ALPINE RACE STOCK EQUIPMENT Ages <6 Ages 7-13 Ages 14+
Used Race Skis-Bindings-Plate n/a $189 $239
New Race Skis-Bindings-Plate n/a $265 $365
Used Race Package n/a $229 $289
New Race Package n/a $329 $449
2nd Set Used Race Skis (Sl - GS combo) n/a + $99 +$149
2nd Set New Race Skis (Sl-GS combo) n/a + $159 +$229
* Ski boots in Adult race packages are recreational flex not race specific.      
NORDIC HS RACE EQUIPMENT Ages <6 Ages 7-13 Ages 14+
NEW Classic OR Skate Package n/a n/a $189
USED Classic OR Skate Package
n/a n/a $115
NEW Classic AND Skate Dual Package n/a n/a $289
USED Classic AND Skate Dual Package
n/a n/a $199
* Nordic Dual Packages include both classic skis and skate ski plus boots and two (2) sets of poles.