Daily Equipment Rentals

Alpine Ski Rentals:

Junior Ski Package Rentals - $35/day
Adult Ski Package Rentals - $49/day
High Performance Package - $59/day

Nordic Ski Rentals:

Junior Touring Package - $35/day
Adult Touring Package - $49/day

Backcountry Rentals:

Adult Backcountry Ski Package - $69/day**
Adult Backcountry Splitboard Package - $69/day**
Snowshoe Rentals - $25/day

Snowboard Rentals:

Junior Snowboard Rentals - $35/day
Adult Snowboard Rentals - $49/day

Tennis Gear Rentals:

Tennis Racquet Rentals - $5/day


* Ski & Snowboard packages include:  skis or snowboard, boots, bindings and when applicable, poles.
** Backcountry packages include: skis or snowboard, bindings, climbing skins and when applicable, poles.