Fischer OTX Adventure Tour

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Fischer OTX Adventure Tour

With a burlier upper and an efficient lower, the Fischer OTX Trail cross-country ski boots are a fantastic choice for skiers who spend a lot of time out there on the trails. With a Turnamic EasyWalk sole, the boots clip in to a standard NNN binding with the smaller bar, so these boots are mostly built for in-track skiing, but also have the gaiter and the cuff to handle some tougher terrain and more variable snow conditions. The softer boot flex allows for proper articulation of the natural stride of walking, so it will feel like an easier gait when you're kicking and gliding your way through the pristine winter wilderness. For classic skiing, the soft flex is great because it improves efficiency with less effort, and this is a big win for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking to maximize their distance and time out there on the trails. Featuring an external ankle support with a velcro strap, these boots will give you that little extra boost of support for when the going gets a bit sketchy. When you hit a sidehill or some firmer snow, it's nice to know that you have more material to keep you upright and locked-in to your intended line. The internal molded heel cap also helps keep that heel locked down and makes your stride more efficient and confidence-inspiring. Built with an integrated gaiter, the boots are able to keep the unwanted snow and cold out, allowing that longer duration of skiing with better comfort and warmth.

  • Soft Flex
  • NNN Turnamic Compatible
  • External Angle Support
  • Internal Molded Heel Cap
  • Integrated Gaiter
  • Sealed Zipper Gaiter
  • Insulated
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers

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