Titleist TSR4 Driver RH

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Titleist TSR4 Driver RH

The new Titleist TSR family of metalwoods represents the zenith of the Titleist Speed Project, a six-year peerless pursuit of speed that led to breakthroughs and distance gains in every way imaginable. Every aspect has been considered, constructed, and optimized to deliver unparalleled performance from every swing.

Distance starts with the club head speed; knowing this, Titleist invested more in aerodynamics.  The result is a new 'boat tail' shape that houses the swing weight, removing an element of drag from the sole, thus allowing the club to travel faster through the air.

The following, integral component in generating distance is converting club head speed into ball speed.  As such, Titleist pushed the boundaries of what is possible from a driver's face, utilizing rare alloys employed by the likes of NASA.  With unique properties in terms of strength, recoil, and durability, these materials afford Titleist the opportunity to give the TSR4 a multi-plateau VFT face design that yields nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface.  In other words, the driver produces incredible ball speed and forgiveness from every stroke, whether struck well or mis-hit.

The TSR4 is a compact, 430cc, ultra-low spin driver that offers two levels of spin control to create the most piercing ball flight possible.  With the weights in the forward setting, the TSR4 produces maximum spin reduction, while the aft setting reduces a moderate amount of spin comparatively.  Stock shaft options include the mid-launch, mid-spin Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Series Blue, the low/mid-launch, low-spin Project X HZRDUS Black 4G, and the low-launch, low-spin Mitsubishi TENSEI 1k Black.

  • Ultimate low-spin driver housed in a compact, 430cc player-preferred shape
  • Advanced aerodynamics reduce drag for faster club head speed
  • Aerospace-Grade Titanium Face possesses unique properties in terms of strength, recoil, and durability
  • Multi-Plateau VFT Design produces amazing forgiveness and ball speed across the entire face
  • Forward and rear weighting options allow players to experiment with gaining distance through lowering spin
  • SureFit Hosel allows for loft and lie adjustments
  • Stock Shafts: TENSEI AV Series Blue 55, HZRDUS Black 4G 60, TENSEI 1k Black 65
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (58R)

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