Essentials for Pickleball

Essentials for Pickleball

Published by Daniel Jacobson on 10th Apr 2024

As Vermont’s largest Pickleball retailer, we are dedicated to providing everything you need to hit the courts with confidence! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, here’s a list of essentials we recommend to elevate your enjoyment and performance on the court.

Court Shoes

Court-specific shoes provide extra protection and grip to prevent injuries that other athletic shoes do not offer. This added protection is especially important for lateral side-to-side movements and sudden stops! We carry the brands BabolatHead and K-Swiss.

Insulating Water Bottles

On a hot summer day an insulated bottle that keeps drinks cool vs an average water bottle is hands down more thirst quenching and rejuvenating. We carry a variety of bottles, tumblers and even coolers from brands such as Hydro Flask and Yeti.


Overgrip helps enhance technique and offers superior comfort than the standard grip that comes with a paddle. Overgrip also provides increased moisture absorption and durability. We're happy to apply the overgrip on for you!

Protection Tape

Protection Tape shields your paddle's edges keep your paddle looking new and fresh, even after extended use.

Selkirk Performance Hat

Lightweight Performance Hats wick away sweat, provide airflow and feature a non-glare lining under the visor to help you keep track of the ball.