Three Types of Golf Bags

Three Types of Golf Bags

6th Jun 2024

As Vermont’s largest locally owned golf shop, we know how much equipment is needed to be carried around on the links! We carry a wide selection of golf bags with each serving their own utility and are built for each individualized player’s needs. Here are the three types of golf bags to help decide which is right for you!

Traditional Cart Bag

Ping Traverse 214 Golf Bag

Starting off is a Traditional Cart Bag. These are the largest bags with individual holders for each club, as well as lots of pockets and storage space. They give golfers a lot of options for carrying items such as tees, balls, shoes and jackets. These bags are heavy and built to be put on the back of a motorized car or on a regular push cart.

Traditional Carry Bag

Ping Hoofer Craz-E-Lite 201C Golf Bag

In the middle is the Traditional Carry Bag. They have less pockets and space than Cart Bags, but they are a lot lighter and built to be carried across the course.

Light Carry Bags

Taylormade 2024 Flextech Super Lite Golf Bag

Last are the Light Carry Bags. These bags are are extremely light, with most weighing under 4 pounds. They have the least amount of pockets and storage, as they are built to be carried for longer distances with less strain on your back.