Why Custom Fit Golf Clubs Are A Bargain.

Why Custom Fit Golf Clubs Are A Bargain.

16th May 2023

  Some golfers believe custom fit golf clubs are only for pros or scratch golfers and out of their price range. In reality, custom and stock clubs cost about the same. Sometimes, custom clubs cost even less! Plus, at Alpine Shop we offer a custom Trackman 4 swing analysis and golf club fitting for your entire bag from putter to driver. If you thendecide to purchase clubs, the custom fitting is absolutely FREE!

And, since Alpine Shop carries every major brand, you’ll be sure to end up with clubs from the brand (or brands) that are exactly right for your particular swing style. Come try the latest from Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Ping, Cleveland, Srixon and Titleist. You’ll quickly see why custom fit golf clubs at Alpine Shop are a great bargain.

Five reason's why custom golf fitting is a bargain:

1. Custom fit clubs cost the same as clubs off the shelf (at Alpine Shop) and save you time and aggravation of returning or adjusting ill-fitting clubs.

2. Custom fit clubs will likely help you score better. Properly fit clubs will make your misses less exaggerated. Golf is a game of managing your misses.

3. Custom fit clubs can target specific areas of your game. For example if you find it hard to hit long irons, a custom set may include more hybrids to replace the longer irons. Or, maybe you’d prefer to carry a 4 th wedge instead of 3 fairway woods. A custom set save you money here since you don’t have to buy these extras on top of an off-the-rack set of clubs.

4. When you are enjoying your time on the golf course, you’ll more likely golf more. Hit shots that will have you coming back for more…more frequently.

5. When you are shooting lower scores, enjoying your time on the course more, finding your equipment matches your game, the return on your golf investment is better.

All this adds up to make custom fit clubs at Alpine Shop a great value. 

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