Lease Program Update

  Thank you for leasing your winter equipment from us this season.   Due to popular demand, we will offer the “re-lease” program again this year through May 1st.    


Here are 3 options for your lease return: 

 1. “Re-Lease” the same equipment packages you leased from us this season and get the lowest price available for next year.  Your used equipment packages would be priced even lower than our early season prices next season.  Your new equipment packages from this season can also be “re-leased” and you would get the used rate which is 20-30% less than what you paid this year.  Sweet.  You can also swap out your equipment for different sizes in the fall for free should you need to do so.   

If you are interested in option 1, your re-lease can be done online (or in-store) without needing to bring your equipment back to the store.   Please fill out this short form (HERE) where you will also find our re-lease rates and a liability waiver to sign.  You will then receive a detailed invoice within 7 days by email.   


 2. As always, there are “buy-out” options for equipment (except race) to be purchased at the end of the season.    You can simply come into the store and speak with one of our leasing associates for your specific pricing.


 3. All of your lease equipment is due back on May 1st to avoid a late fee.  This year, in order to maintain a comfortable level of in-store traffic and distancing, we ask you to schedule an appointment through our website for the day you would like to return your equipment.  There will simply be two (2) wide time windows to choose from:  “10AM-2PM” or “2PM-5:30PM.”    Schedule Your Lease Return Date (HERE)


  When you arrive, you can drop your equipment off in the store or you can do it “curbside,” by calling the store when you arrive, but only between 10AM to 5P:  (802) 862-2714


  Re-leasing your existing equipment can also be done at our store during normal business hours if you prefer.  Just schedule the day you’d like to come in as you would for option 3 above and you don’t need to bring your equipment.  Our re-leasing offer will expire on May 1st.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Play Today…  Work Tomorrow

Andy & Becky



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can I re-lease just my boots or skis if I have a full package?

A: Re-leasing is a renewed, but discounted, lease for ALL of the current equipment leased by an individual or family/group member.  You may still, of course, swap items during the regular lease season at any time.  And not all of the family/group members in your party need to re-lease their equipment;  just make sure to return the remaining equipment from the other members to the store by May 1st.


Q: How long will this opportunity last?

 A: You will have the opportunity to re-lease your equipment until May 1, 2021. THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Q: Who is re-lease for?

A: Re-lease gives customers who are happy with their 20/21 lease equipment the option to keep their gear at home and “re-lease” it for the 21/22 season for the best pricing of the season.


Q: Can I return my equipment and still take advantage of the re-lease pricing?

 A: No. You must hold on to your equipment until the 21/22 winter season. However, if you re-lease, you may swap out equipment during the regular lease season. 


Q: If I re-lease my current equipment, can I still swap equipment if necessary?

 A: Yes. All benefits of regular-season leasing apply. NOTE: if swapping equipment categories i.e. used to new, non-upgrade to upgrade, you will need to pay the difference in price at the time of exchange. You can swap equipment at any time during the 21/22 lease season.


Q: Is the re-lease refundable if I change my mind?

 A: No, unless you change your mind prior to May 1st.


Q: How do I sign up and pay for my re-lease?

 A:  Fill out the application form (HERE) and liability release form (HERE).  You will then receive an itemized invoice via email within a few days. You will have until May 1, 2021 to pay the invoice. If not paid by 5/1, all equipment must be returned ASAP.


Q: How much does it cost to re-lease?

 A: Prices vary depending on the equipment being leased. Re-lease prices are the lowest of the season at 10% or more off regular season rates.  You can find a list of our re-lease prices here:


 "Re-Lease" Prices (Starts March 25, 2021) Valid Before: 5/1 Valid Before: 5/1 Valid Before: 5/1
 *NOTE: New 20/21 Equipment Becomes Used Category For 21/22 CHILD JR ADULT
ALPINE SKIS AND SNOWBOARDS Ages <6 Ages 7-13 Ages 14+
Used Package $95 $109 $169
New Package n/a n/a n/a
Used Upgrade Package n/a $139 $215
New Upgrade Package n/a n/a n/a
Used Skis/Snowboard only $65 $75 $159
New Skis/Snowboard only n/a n/a n/a
Used Upgrade Skis only n/a $105 $179
New Upgrade Skis only n/a n/a n/a
Used Ski/Snowboard Boots only $55 $69 $109
New Ski/Snowboard Boots only $75 $109 $159
Used Race Skis-Bindings-Plate n/a $179 $229
New Race Skis-Bindings-Plate n/a n/a n/a
Used Race Package n/a $199 $275
New Race Package n/a n/a n/a
2nd Set Used Race Skis-Bindings-Plate (Sl - GS combo) n/a +$99 +$145
2nd Set New Race Skis-Bindings-Plate (Sl-GS combo) n/a n/a n/a
Classic OR Skate Package n/a n/a $109
Classic AND Skate Package
n/a n/a $189